Start your 3D capture journey: which device and why?

Alan Forde
about 1 month agoApril 30, 2021
Thanks for making a replay available so quickly! (My day plan changed)
about 1 month agoApril 30, 2021
I would like to know how I can acquire Pro2 for my business?
about 1 month agoApril 30, 2021
Grazie per avere postato il video ma credevo di poter avere una traduzione . Grazie
about 1 month agoApril 30, 2021
Hi watched the video. Please send me next video when you answer questions. I personally see the Matterport Pro 2 as the one for me 😄
Gregory T Erkins
about 1 month agoApril 30, 2021
I am sorry I missed the live presentation, but I have now learned I like to watch at double speed.  Thanks for that option.
Dean McDonald
about 1 month agoMay 1, 2021
Replay needs the links posting that you mention please
about 1 month agoMay 2, 2021

Martijn Pieffers
about 1 month agoMay 5, 2021
Is the Pro2 capable of updating firmware, if there is one? Can I expect that an updated firmware might also increase quality or capabilities of the device? Same question for the software, the app and Matterpak? Can I expect future maintenance and upgrades if I invest in the Pro2?

Many thanks, Its a great product :)
10 days agoJune 3, 2021
Here's the link to the blog post comparing cameras-
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